"The ethos I stand for in my yoga practice and my personal life is creating the awareness of the power of the mind. Reminding people that the mind is incredibly powerful tool, that you can breathe and push past not only the difficult yoga possess but the difficult parts in your life. When a new client comes to try my yoga class, my first and only question is “do you have a powerful mind? “A shocked response but a valuable question, how strong is your brain? If you believe you are strong, then you are, and this is my message I want to spread, especially with women. "

Paige's passion for women comes from her own personal experience in a rehabilitation centre 4 years ago, where then and still today she proves to herself daily that "I AM STRONGER THAN I KNOW." This would be her life’s motto!

She started yoga to heal herself from this addiction. The addiction of being numb. 

She teaches physically and mentally strong classes


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