Mika has hosted several HIIT events at various Planet Fitness clubs in Johannesburg and Pretoria, completing the first Planet Fitness HIIT tour with Mika Stefano. He is also a master trainer at SWEAT 1000 based in Johannesburg, where he has taught over 4 000 different people. 

What does fitness mean to you?
Fitness means investing in yourself. Yes, it may be a physical thing, but it is also a mental thing. Helps you set a goal and work towards it. If in everyday you don't have goals to reach towards, you wont have purpose. 

Why should someone attend FIBO Africa in October?
To learn and gain better knowledge of the fitness industry in SA. Where it is and where it can grow to. 

What are your top two fitness tips?
1.Enjoy it. Have fun. Dont let it be a chore. Once you see the results, it becomes addivtive. 
2. Try it all, you never know what you may like or enjoy. 

How did your fitness journey start?
I fell in love with fitness while I was on my weight loss journey. After I lost over 30kgs, I was invited onto several TV and radio shows. I decided I should get a better full rounded idea about fitness and decided to study with TriFocus Fitness Academy. This helped me become a top SWEAT 1000 instructor where I have taught over 5000 different people. 

What is your advice to someone wanting to start their fitness journey?
Just start. Do the best you can, and once you feel you are a bit more stronger, then try a little harder. Once you have an idea of what you doing, set some goals and try reach them 

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