Taz is a fitness instructor specializing in feminine fitness and flexibility. She created Wisdom+Wellness as a platform to share her love for physical and mental wellbeing through wellness events, classes and online content. With a history in Rhythmic gymnastics, aerial acrobatics and dance she creates full body workouts aimed at increasing strength, flexibility and poise.

What does fitness mean to you?
For me, fitness is about connecting to your body through movement and being able to see physical and psychological improvements as a result. It's also about that feeling of accomplishment after a good workout.

Why should someone attend FIBO Africa in October?
If you are already into fitness, you will be in fitness heaven at FIBO Africa, with everything from classes to active wear in one location. And if you have not yet found your way into a constant fitness regime, this could be the perfect place to find your fit in fitness

What are your top two fitness tips?
1. Train the way you love to train, there are so many ways to become fit, you really can find a form of training that you enjoy.
2. Always include stretching, I see this being an after thought in so many programs. Stretching is so important for ease of movement and recovery.

How did your fitness journey start?
My real fitness journey started after retiring from rhythmic gymnastics. I needed to find a way to get back in shape as I had gone from doing six hours of dancing and competitive gymnastics everyday, to doing nothing at all. Obviously I put on weight, and I was eating too much for my activity level. I needed to find a form of training that I found fun and engaging as I was not used to training solely for the purpose of losing weight or becoming fit. And that is why today I lean more towards alternative forms of fitness and group settings such as Aerial training, Barre and Yoga.

What is your advice to someone wanting to start their fitness journey?
Think about what is  important to you in life and find a way to incorporate that in your fitness journey, thats how you keep yourself motivated. For example, if you are really social, think of joining an interactive group fitness class or if you want to spend more time with someone in your life, become training partners. 

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