Better know as Slim Shanty, Shantal Dietrich, is driven and passionate about the health and fitness industry. Her personal journey motivates her to inspire other females to become the best version of themselves.

Last year, she launched SlimFit which focuses on empowering women through health and fitness. Slim hosts health and wellness events which incorporate workout sessions, nutrition talks, discussions on topics that females generally need guidance with. These events also give young female entrepreneurs in the wellness industry a platform to showcase their businesses.

She is currently working as a personal trainer at Gym on the Corner in Northcliff and is also focusing on growing her online coaching business. She is also involved with The Sargent Foundation’s Breakthrough Self Defence Academy for underprivileged females.

What does fitness mean to you?
For me, fitness means having a happy mind, healthy body and a soul that feels whole.

Why should someone attend FIBO Africa in October?
There's something for everyone at FIBO Africa. Whether you’re a newbie to the gym, someone coming out of hybernation and looking to continue their fitness journey or a pro in a particular area, you will learn something new.

What are your top fitness tips?
Find what works for you and what you find fun and STAY CONSISTENT

How did your fitness journey start?
My personal fitness journey started after years of being teased for being skinny. I decided to stop making excuses and try taking fitness seriously. I am now a qualified personal trainer. Health and fitness has changed my life - both mentally and physically.

What is your advice to someone wanting to start their fitness journey?
Rome wasn’t built in a day. Give yourself time and be kind to yourself. Take it at your own pace - one meal and one workout at a time. Focus on making little healthy choices and remember that exercise is not punishment, it’s a form of self love.

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