Naeem Ebrahim is a registered accountant and tax practitioner by profession. Suffering a brachial plexus injury at birth, he was born with Erbs Palsy. Unable to participate in various physical activities at school, a profession in the fitness industry was not a desirable option for him. With various attempts to keep fit, his inability to perform certain important arm exercises ensured that every attempt had been short lived.

In September 2017, after being exceptionally unhappy with himself (overweight and partial paralysis in his left arm) Naeem took an active stance to change his lifestyle. Without much confidence in personal trainers or physiotherapists he took to designing his own personalized training program and diet, and within 12 weeks transformed himself from 87kg to 69kgs. The result of his transformation was so impressive that by the end of the 12 week period he boasted a 6 pack of abs.

Even though all around him were extremely impressed at his ability to self transform in such a short period of time, and without the aid of supplementation or professional help, Naeem felt empty inside as he still could not perform simple exercises that required the use of his left arm. Nevertheless he continued to train as best he could up until April 2018 where he discovered a passion for Calisthenics and Street Workouts. His passion for the field was awakened after realizing that he was able to do a pull-up. Trying to achieve this strength enduring feat for close onto an entire lifetime, this discovery was by far his greatest achievement to date and had led him to be featured in an outreach publication by the United Brachial Plexus Network based in the US. Furthermore he is now the only person in the world with Erbs Palsy that can do a One Arm Assisted Pull-up and only has dreams of progressing from here.

Having battled with weight loss and a disability in one lifetime, his achievements are not short of remarkable. As a source of inspiration to many, he currently blogs through social media offering training and dieting advice while motivating people young and old to unlock their true potential.

What does fitness mean to you? 
It is my life, and cannot function without it. PERIOD! 

Why should someone attend FIBO in October?
Depends on what level of fitness the person is at. For the pros you will get to see new equipment and keep up to date with changes in industry. For the average person, anything to do with fitness is a positive influence, and FIBO is bringing that positive influence to Africa. Respect that, be the change and get involved.

What are your top two fitness tips?
1. Love what you do!
2. Stay consistent, it gets easier.

How did you find your fit in fitness?
I did not like who I had become. I'm worst off than most due to my condition which is bound to result in serious complications later on if not taken care of now. I had to change my fate. Fitness saved me.

What advice would you give to someone starting their fitness journey?
Nobody says its going to be easy. Nothing in life is ever easy. In a world driven by unhealthy and bad habits, it will however definitely be worth it!

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