Storm is a fitness enthusiast who was born in Cape Town, but raised in Soweto. Matric was a stressful and emotionally draining time for him and as a result he turned to lifting weights as means of releasing stress. Realising that my body started changing, my confidence went up and mental strength improved. It became an addiction. 

What does fitness mean to you?
Fitness is beyond just looking good, it's also a lifestyle. 

Why should someone attend FIBO Africa?
Whether you into fitness or just interested in the industry, having the opportunity to meet and interact with like-minded people will spark a fitness revolution.

What are your top two fitness tips?
1. Train five times a week.
2. Eat healthy.

How did your fitness journey start? 
It started in my matric year  when I had very low confidence. Lifting weights and growing muscles really helped me.

What is your advice to someone wanting to start their fitness journey? 
Just do it. The beginning is difficult part. Being consistent is difficult, but worth it.

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