Seven years ago that was me in the picture below left. Seeing this picture posted on Facebook during a holiday abroad with family really hit home and it was at that moment I decided enough was enough!

No matter what it would take I was going to do it. I was going to claim back my life! My health was at its worse. I was going to be turning 30 that year and I was not going to fail this time. Fail this time? Yes, I had started many times. Tried every fad diet under the sun. Lost huge amounts of weight - 30/40 kilograms at a time but once I reached my comfort zone I soon succumbed to old habits and I picked up all the weight and some.

Under the guidance of my Endocrinologist and her team and the support of my husband, I kick started my own success story. Gastric Bypass Surgery is considered by some an extreme measure to loose weight. I thoroughly researched the procedure and the team of specialists I entrusted my life with. Through my research I learned that this procedure could successfully reverse Type 2 Diabetes, just one of the chronic conditions which I suffered from due to my obesity.

The surgery proved to be the cataylst I always needed to divorce me from my unhealthy relationship with food. I successfully lost 25% of my bodyweight after the gastric bypass surgery and was able to maintain this for three years. I no longer suffered from hypertension, cholesterol or Type 2 Diabetes. With the type of surgery I had, the Roux & Y Bypass, they guaranteed around 25% weight loss. So I reached the maximum effectiveness of the procedure…What next?

It was at my first visit to an Arnold’s Sports Festival in Madrid, Spain in 2014 where I experienced health and fitness like I’ve never seen it before. I had a long conversation with one of our now retired IFBB Professional League Pro Athletes, Marius Dohne, about my desire to look like those “OMG drop dead gorgeous” promo girls on the supplement booths at the expo.

He said when I was back in SA I should email him and he would help me get started. I emailed him that very evening. Over the next two years I was able to drop an additional 20 kilograms by making the full lifestyle change. I decided to do a Novice Competition in the beginning of 2017 with my Coach Andrew Hudson guiding me.

I fell in love with been fit and healthy and the biggest reward thus far has been the good habits my husband and I have taught our three children through our healthy lifestyle. I want to inspire and motivate people to become their own success story. Heck if I could do it, anybody can! , 

In the pastyear I have helped 14 woman start their own success story and I hope to increase this number exponentially through planned seminars and workshops. I want to be remembered as that ordinary woman who did extraordinary things to help others.

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