Anthony is a fitness enthusiast, with a passion for encouraging others and breaking barriers. When he has some spare time he usually does push ups -incase you were wondering how he got this physique. He enjoys obtaining new information on health and fitness and sharing this information to others;

Fitness has given Anthony a new understanding to life and he believes that it can do the same for you.

What does fitness mean to you?
It' s an opportunity to improve not only your body but your mind, everytime you exercise.

Why should someone attend FIBO Africa in October?
To take part in the African fitness revolution.

What are your top two fitness tips?
1. Always push past your limits.
2. Create the best version of yourself and do your push ups.

How did your fitness journey start?
I was told to do push ups to get buff when I was a toddler, I haven't stopped!

What is your advice to someone wanting to start their fitness journey?
The first step is taking a step. Just do it once, the rest will follow through.

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