FIBO Global Fitness Africa presented by Dis-Chem Pharmacies not only caters to the health and wellness consious public, but also to you. Are you are looking to grow your health and wellness business, are you working on expanding your corporate health programme, or perhaps you are aspiring to building your own gym or industry related business? FIBO Global Fitness Africa is geared towards supporting you and helping you grow by giving you the ideal platform for business conversations, industry research, and connections and partnerships to be forged in the heart of a buzzing fitness hub of fitness classes, apparel and gear promotion and sales. 

As a part of our Fitness and Health promise to you, we would like to create an environment where business can be conducted and great partnerships forged on a strong foundation of knowledge, skills and experience. As a result of this ideal, we have introduced the FIBO Africa Summit in 2017. After a massively educational, well attended and industry growing Summit, we have expanded into a full blown Event comprising of the FIBO Africa Summit, and the FIBO Africa Festival in 2018. Now, planned for 2019, we have the biggest event in store, with more classes,  wider market reach and unbeatable content. Join our FIBO Summit this year as we welcome top global and local health and fitness experts with a firm grip on the industry that is Fitness, health and wellness. 

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