For many years, we've heard that phones are bad for human’s due to a high level of radiation and others such as procrastination. Some time ago that was a cruel reality, but is it the same now? It looks like the era of smartphones is changing patterns of our standard thoughts and it is moving our behavior one step forward into the future.

There are many ways how a smartphone can improve your health. Here we have some interesting thoughts on how smartphones can help us. 

1. Step Counter

Although not new, fitness today has become a huge prominent factor in many people's lives. With this idea, you can now count your steps. People started to be obsessed with the number of steps they make during the day, and now their smartphone helps them to do just that.

Sometimes we are lazy, and it is not good just to sit down in front of a computer and surf the Internet or browse through social media. We need to walk, and having a goal is the best way to motivate yourself and move. Smartphones help us follow our fitness goals and help us live healthier lives. 

2. A Fitness Tracker

Those who would like to have a more active day than simply walking tours can track their fitness activities on the phone. Different applications help you follow how many exercises you made in one day, how much you ran or trained.

Another helpful tip is that you can use your phone to make your fitness plan. As there are different exercises you can combine, your smartphone can give you the best combinations. 

3. Sleep Cycle

High-quality sleep is crucial for our health. However, when morning comes, it is important to wake up gently and avoid interrupting our body and brain with noisy alarms and unwanted sounds.

There are many apps for a peaceful and sound sleep cycle. Here are some of the benefits you might have:

  • Each morning you can take a look over the quality of your sleep and find out which part of the night was the calmest part for you
  • Your phone can create sounds over a period of time that will help you fall asleep
  • It might wake you up at the right time while playing relaxing sounds.

4. Tracking Your Mood

There are mood trackers which can help you create a daily database about how you feel. If you compare your mood with medications you are taking, you can have a good analysis of what is good or bad for your health.

This is not something your phone will do by itself, as you need to feed it with data, but the results will be impressive and thus improve your health in the long run. 

5. Healthy Heart

Some smartphones have the possibility to measure your heart rate. This option is similar like you are doing an EKG analysis at the hospital. That is a very useful feature, especially if you have heart disease. People who suffer from problems with their heart are happy to have a helpful tip and follow their heart movements periodically. It might help them in the prevention of future heart attacks. 

6. Eat Healthier, Live Longer

We were not born to eat, but to live. Food is something that should keep us alive, so it is important to have healthy meals. How can your smartphone help you have a healthier lifestyle? There are many ways:

  • It can help you with healthy recipe suggestions
  • Your phone can always find healthier alternatives to junk food
  • You can find nutritional facts about food whenever you need them
  • It can serve as a reminder when you should eat and what to eat.

7. Calorie Counter

Those who like to count calories are very happy to have smartphones. In the past, it wasn't easy to create a daily plan with the number of calories needed for your daily meal plan. Today, your phone can count it for you.

Besides recommendations of daily intake of calories, smartphones are able to count how many of them you have burned during the day. If you are obsessed with calories, the digital era is definitely something you will like.

8. Make Your Own Storage

In the end, your smartphone can be your personal medical storage. You can put all important information in it, and you can use it to make a medical analysis based on your results, or simply as a reminder when you should take your medications. The most important takeaway is that your smartphone can be turned into your very own personal assistant in helping you with your day to day life and health!

9. Free 911 Voice Calls

Voice search has enabled us to call 911 without lifting a finger. Voice service is a modern way to ask your mobile assistant for help when you need to call emergency numbers. Even if you don't have your phone close beside you, you can still use it even if it is locked. The voice call ability helps if you are stuck somewhere or if you cannot move. 

10. Online Therapeutic Sessions

There is no need to visit your doctor personally if you want to have a therapeutic session. You can schedule one online and meet the doctor on your camera. With smartphones, your doctor can be there whenever you need him or her.

A huge advantage now is that now you can choose your doctors worldwide. You can live in an urban place where traffic will slow you down, or in a village far from the doctor's office, or even on another continent. Now there is no excuse to not go to your doctor. The same stands if you are traveling. Now there is nothing stopping you from enjoying the beauty of the world.