FIBO Africa Teams Up with FitPro

Get your CEC points at FIBO Global Fitness Africa Summit

In today’s exceedingly competitive landscape, it is crucial for owners, operators and trainers in the health and fitness sector to actively seek and seize innovation, trends and opportunities in the market not only today but in the years to come. 

Following on the success of the European Health + Fitness Forum in Cologne, the 2019 FIBO Global Fitness Africa Summit will assemble an inspirational faculty of global and local leaders who are pioneering marketing, sales, and operational strategies that genuinely engage customers across the ever-evolving connected world.

FIBO Welcomes Body Beautiful To The Show Floor This October

FIBO Global Fitness Africa 2019 presented by Dis-Chem Pharmacies is delighted to announce that South Africa’s number 1 Fitness Festival has partnered with Body Beautiful SA to host The Body Beautiful Show at FIBO Africa 2019. The Body Beautiful Show will take place at FIBO on  Saturday, 26 October 2019 and Sunday, 27 October 2019 and visitors can expect full stage activity for the duration of the Festival. HERE.

10 Fitness Tips For The Office

Answering an age old question: how does one stay fit, or at least try, during those long office hours, where your choices range from sitting, standing or getting coffee? Zinhle masango, also known as Zeefitnessjunkie on Instagram, gave uus a few tips, 10 to be precise, on how exactly one can achieve this. You can follow Zinhle on her social media platforms should you need that daily reminder to stay fit by clicking HERE.


For many years, we've heard that phones are bad for human’s due to a high level of radiation and others such as procrastination. Some time ago that was a cruel reality, but is it the same now? It looks like the era of smartphones is changing patterns of our standard thoughts and it is moving our behavior one step forward into the future.

There are many ways how a smartphone can improve your health. Here we have some interesting thoughts on how smartphones can help us. 


My name is Sameshni Moodley, aged 36, currently in the Corporate Insurance Industry and this is my story of being a better version of me. At the start of my teens I weighed in at 80kgs. This was not an easy time for me as being overweight often left me feeling sad and having few friends. I recall feeling lonely; teased, and was never chosen to participate in any sporting activities at school.