The Boss

We are extremely proud to announce our FIBO FitForce Boss representative, Carol Weaving, who is the Managing Director of Reed Exhibitions. In order for Carol to achieve her health and fitness goals, she needs a team that understands her demanding schedule and who will tailor-make a program that can be incorporated into her busy calendar. Carol has teamed up with NPL - Nutritional Performance Labs as her supplement sponsor, plus online transformation coach, bikini pro athlete and NPL ambassador Logan Coleman to help her achieve her body goals, in the same way she has achieved such incredible career goals

The Mom To Be

It makes sense to rather maintain your body, health and fitness during pregnancy than to completely give-in to the crazy cravings and struggle more to lose the weight once giving birth. Personal trainer, Cindy (@mymissfitness) is 3.5 months pregnant and wants to showcase just this by teaming up with fellow personal trainer Potso (AKA @FitnessMPanda). If you are pregnant, and would like to follow their journey, and work alongside them, feel free to follow them on social media at @mymissfitness and @FitnessMPanda. 
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The Lady

Meet another one of our FIBO FitForce Ladies, Dorcas Dlamini. Dorcas is the Market Sales Director of Marriott International in South Africa. You can imagine by her position, how much travelling is required. With this in mind, we have teamed this power house Lady up with Celebrity Trainer Mika Stefano as her coach, and she will be powered by SWEAT 1000 Blubird Mall. Are you ready to see what this Sales Queen achieves in health and fitness at FIBO in October? #FIBOAfrica19 #FindYourFit #FIBOFitForce

The Grand

Retiree, Roy Oberholzer is here to prove that you don’t have to give up on being fit and healthy after 70, as our FIBO FitForce Silver Fit representative. 
Roy will team up with Calorie Conscious founder and TTN Mrs SA Charity 2018, Candice Robbertze to help Roy prove that wellness doesn’t stop as you get older. #FIBOAfrica19 #FindYourFit #FIBOFitForce #SilverFit

The New Mom

We all know how tough it is to be a new mom, still trying to juggle work, life and family. Never mind the battle to loose the baby weight. 
We would like to introduce you to our FIBO FitForce Working New Mom Sian Cullingworth. Sian is a new mom to a 7 month old and portfolio director of extremely successful Décor exhibition @decorex_sa . Sian was on fertility treatment for 10 months before she fell pregnant which also caused weight gain, with all the fertility medication and hormones. We are delighted that she is teaming up with Famous Lifestyle Guru and mommy herself, @lisaraleigh , to help lose her pregnancy weight amongst her busy and demanding lifestyle.

Follow Sian’s journey here and on her Instagram @sian_eva

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The Bro

Although, Adrian has a body many would envy, it has not come easily especially on a plant based diet. Let us introduce to you, our Vegan FIBO FitForce representative Adrian Naidoo. Adrian is an ad exec by day, Hot Radio Presenter by weekend and Vegan Bodybuilder by night. Adrian is teaming up with clinical performance nutritionist and online prep coach Stephan du Toit (@stephandt) and plant based nutritionist Debra Langley (@plantbased2go )to help take his body to the next level. Come to FIBO in October to see if there is in actual fact, another level.

Follow his journey at @adrianbutta or @vegangymbro

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The Family

Let us introduce to you, our official FIBO FitForce Family, The Cele's. You may recognize Daddy Cele, AKA @lloydcelemusic as Idols South Africa 2010 Runner Up. Lloyd, and his lovely wife and account manager @janicecele1 know that time spent with family, is always time well spent. This power family would like to spend this time doing something active and fun. What is more fun and active than Bounce? this FIBO Fit Fam will be powered by @bounceinc . 
To follow this family's journey with FIBO and Bounce please follow them on @janicecele1
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The Lady

Meet one of our FitForce ladies, @thekarma_official . Karma is a singer, and social media influencer who is looking to get fit and healthy to keep up with her busy lifestyle. Karma's Power Pack will consist of @npl_prolifestyle with none other than the Competitive Fitness Athlete Queen @veronique_mitchell . Karma will form part of Veronique's #Vpack. Watch Karma's journey on Instagram at @TheKarma_Official #FIBOAfrica19#FIBOFitForce #FitLady

The Bro

Meet our very own Martin Hiller Van Rensburg; The general manager of FIBO Africa! Martin has lost a total of 27kgs to date and will be backed by NPL - Nutritional Performance Labs to tone up and get the body he has always dreamed of! His NPL Powerpack will consist of Jason from NPL and Robbi from NPL and The Iron Squad.

Follow Martin's Journey on Instagram at @martinhiller

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The Couple

Meet our FIBO FitForce Couple; Roche Welgemoed and Cale! Roche and Cale are newly engaged, and would like to get healthy and fit for their wedding day. This Power Couple's Power Pack will be from our FIBO FAM, Shantal Dietrich and Bohang Moeko you may recognise them as 2 of our 2018 Fitfluencers.

You can follow Roche and Cale's Journey on Instagram at @cale_and_che

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